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Gloria Mayfield Banks is best described as "Energy in Motion!" She is an internationally renowned motivational speaker and sales trainer, an Elite Executive National Sales Director with Mary Kay, Inc., a communications consultant, and one of the founding partner of Charisma Factor, Inc., a corporate event planning company. Considered an expert in the fields of motivation, self-esteem, and sales training, Gloria has trained internationally in Mexico, Canada, Germany, China and Russia. She often works with children, motivating them to get a jump-start in school and in their personal lives.

Gloria is always on the go, traveling the country speaking to hundreds of people at her special event workshops. Her message is strong. She is known for her dynamic storytelling ability and uses creative humor to impact her audience. She presents her ideas and thoughts in a conversational style with confidence; yet her enthusiasm is contagious. One of her best-known workshops "People-ality" teaches the potency of people skills.

Gloria's personal road to success is an amazing story in itself. After graduating from Howard University, she began her professional career in the computer industry as a sales representative for IBM in Boston, Massachusetts. From there, she joined Stratus Computers as a manufacturing marketing manager. Gloria subsequently received an MBA from Harvard Graduate School of Business, and she went on to work for the Harvard Business School as the Assistant Director for Admissions where she reviewed applications for prospective students. Gloria was also responsible for the solicitation of minority students and traveled across the United States describing the experience of Harvard Business School and the advantages of higher education. She also traveled to South Africa to help the school evaluate an exchange program that represented a unique opportunity for both South Africa and Harvard.

In 1988 Gloria joined Mary Kay and started her own business. That next year she set the company record for the most sales as a qualifying sales director. By 2008, her business had grown to over $24 million in retail sales and a sales team of over 8000 consultants and sales directors nationwide. Gloria has qualified for Mary Kay Pink Cadillac status for 19 years and has broken 4 company records. Currently there are 1.8 million women in Mary Kay and Gloria ranks as number seven in the United States and is the number one African-American Sales Director in the world.

Gloria's accomplishments have been recognized in many print publications over the years, including Black Enterprise, Glamour Magazine, Working Woman Magazine, and twice in Fortune Magazine. She has appeared on numerous radio and television programs, and received many awards for her accomplishments. Most recently, Gloria was honored as one of the "Outstanding Leaders in the Workplace" by the Baltimore Area YWCA. There is a Harvard Business School case study included in graduate level text books and taught to many business students nationwide named "Gloria Hilliard Mayfield at Mary Kay Cosmetics."

Gloria is married to Kenneth Banks, the founder and owner of Banks Contracting Company and Banks Development Group. Ken's current projects include the $305 million construction of the Convention Center Hotel in Baltimore and the $1 billion dollar development of the Johns Hopkins Hospital Biotech Park. Gloria and Ken share four adult children and reside in Baltimore, Maryland.

Lead Others (CD)
Whether you are a new leader or you have a large and growing team, you want to increase your effectiveness and your team's results. You will be impacted by Gloria's specific training on how she has built, grown and moved her herself and team in the same powerful direction to the number one position in her company.  

To effectively LEAD OTHERS, you have to master the dynamics of change, working with various personalities, and implementing professional team and individual goals.

Leadership has a lot of components, but learning to become "other-focused" is certainly a large part of the skills set that must be mastered.

Enjoy listening to this motivational and specific training over and over.

Every time you listen you will learn more.

Speaker: Gloria Mayfield Banks

People-ality (CD)
Do you have great people skills?  Do you want to learn great people skills?  In this CD Gloria will share her tips of how to build great relationships with people that are essential to taking your business to the highest level. 

Speaker: Gloria Mayfield Banks

Performance, Results and Success (CD)
This CD will focus your ability for consistency.  You will learn that a direct correlation of your eforts in specific directon will provide you the performance that completes your definition of success.  Gloria takes a moment to pour out her experience in a method that you can apply to both your business and professional goals.

Speaker: Gloria Mayfield Banks
Cost: $20

Bold & Intentional Conference Set
Limited quanity of Bold and Intentional Event in Atlanta, Ga with Gloria Mayfield Banks, Pam Shaw and Dr. John Maxwell.  Set is about Leading yourself and Leading others.

Set 1 Includes 5 CD set of sessions:
Cost: $69.99!
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Announcing New..
Gloria on red couch

Align, Expand and Succeed is a entrepreneurs guide to realizing your ultimate potential as a conscious businessperson.
Each chapter reveals a truth that shows how the world of business is changing.

Its My Now

It's My Now..........
Speakers Pamela Shaw and Angie Onianwa

Learn how to eat healthy with their "iEATfit" plan.

CD:  $25.00

A Woman with a Man Besider Her is Dan Madson's new book -- a humorous handbook for husbands.  His stories will encourage both husbands and wives as they seek to find balance in a very busy world.  Dan says, "My hope for you is that after reading this book, you will better understand the importance of dreaming, planning, and working together."

Papercover. Size, 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 inches
104 pages
Published 2006